Renkara Offices - Framing, Part 2

Day two of framing is complete and all walls and the roof have been constructed. The office doors were delivered around noon and installed at the end of the day.

This is a wider view of the backyard where the offices sit. The old retaining wall and two of the steps leading up to the pool are constructed with railroad ties. Towards the end of this project, the steps will be stamped concrete to match the rest of the deck and the retaining wall will be completely replaced with stone similar to the picture below.

 Retaining wall at Westlake Academy

Retaining wall at Westlake Academy

From pool deck to the highest part of the roof, the height is almost 14 feet.

We went with French doors with a grid. The doors open outwards to the breezeway instead of into the office. While this might occasionally be inconvenient when opening all of the doors fully open, it allows for furniture in the office to be positioned right up to the breezeway wall. Office space is more valuable in this case than breezeway space.