Renkara Offices - Framing, Part 1

After weeks of slow progress, this week is seeing a lot of action. Framing started today and the walls are now up. Ahu and I were quite surprised at the full height of the buildings. It's one thing to see a blueprint or a mockup render but seeing it in person is entirely different.

These offices have a "shed" roof which means that the roof is highest in the front and slopes downward toward the back. The front is around 11' high from foundation to the top od the eave. There is a 3' drop in height to the back. This gives an interior ceiling light of a little over 10' in the front and just short of 8' in the back.

It has become clear that these offices will dominate the pool area. Clearly this family combines work and play.

How long before the boys try to climb up on the offices and jump off the roof into the pool? Given that it was the first thing I thought of, it probably won't be too long.

While we thought to make this one large picture window, we decided to go with three seperately operable windows instead. Ahu and I both like a nice breeze; one window can open for a small breeze or all windows can open for a more immersive effect.