Renkara Offices - Foundation Poured

Today all concrete for the foundation was poured. All of the concrete tiers are, essentially, one large, monolithic pour. The concrete truck parked in the street and the crew brought in a very long hose to the site. One of the contractors had a remote control which turned concrete delivery on and off - very convenient.

The top tiers were filled first and, due to the gaps at the bottom of the forms, the concrete spilled through and filled most of the bottoms tiers at the same time. The bottom tiers really only had to be "topped off".

The pool deck on the north side of the pool was also extended. As seen in this image below, the patios at pool deck level are a 1/2" shorter than the pool deck itself. This is to allow space for the concrete that will be hand-troweled on later and shaped and stained to match the colors in the existing pool deck. This stained concrete will be applied to the steps and the breezeway.

At the angle in this last image, the step solution is clearly visible. I think it is an attractive solution to the problem of stepping up to the new breezeway from the existing pool deck.

Another detail that is clearly visible at this angle is the sloping of the breezeway and patio. In both places, the gentle sloping is to help rain flow away from the structures and out to the yard. In the breezeway, which is open to the air on both sides (assuming the screens are up), rain would run down the slope from the front by the steps to the back by the pool shed. The front patio slopes from the structures down to the existing deck. The deck-level patios also have slight sideways slopes from the steps over to the yard.