Renkara Offices - Old Retaining Wall Removal

The existing retaining wall has finally been removed. The old retaining wall was a very durable railroad tie wall.

 Old retaining wall

Old retaining wall

The contractors had a pretty rough time getting the old retaining wall out. Not only were the ties pinned to each other but they were pinned to posts that were driven back into the ground behind the wall. It took them a full day to pry all of the ties apart and haul them off.

In addition to replacing the retaining wall, we are also replacing the two railroad tie steps that connect the patio with the pool deck.

Concrete contractor and crew came out to dig the trench for the concrete footer. Initially they only dug the trench. Our general contractor made them come back out and put in the form board on the outside to ensure that the footer is poured in a relatively straight line.