Renkara Offices - Concrete Forms

All of the groundwork is complete and forms for the poured concrete foundation are now in place.

Connecting a new patio to an older patio is always a challenge. There is a bit of height differential between the existing pool deck and the breezeway between the offices. A step was necessary but deciding what shape the step would take, where it would go, and so on was a lengthy debate.

Renkara Offices in Westlake

Moving to Westlake, Texas has been great. We love everything about living here. However, we have been missing our old home office quite a bit. In Illinois we had a fantastic home office in the basement. It was large, warmly decorated and furnished, had bright but dimmable lighting in addition to lots of natural light, and there were a bunch of gigabit Ethernet ports. As fast as wireless networks are now, nothing beats a hardwired connection to move large video files from your workstation to your NAS. Having a dedicated office space also helps keep work separate from family life. Our kids generally stayed upstairs so there were few interruptions even when they were home from school.

My Life as a Bodybuilder

I turned 40 last fall and it has now been 18 years since I last competed in bodybuilding. Through friendships I made at that time with the amazing UFE fitness competitor Melissa Hooper Francis and her husband Bryan Francis, I’ve been invited to be a judge at the UFE Furyevent in Chicago in 2012 and 2013. Naturally you would expect judges of such an event to have a fair amount of experience in the sport and, for those who don’t know me, it’s not immediately clear that I would have such experience. So, for the benefit of anyone who might be interested, I’ve decided to tell the story of my life as a competitive bodybuilder.