Renkara Offices - Concrete Forms

All of the groundwork is complete and forms for the poured concrete foundation are now in place.

Connecting a new patio to an older patio is always a challenge. There is a bit of height differential between the existing pool deck and the breezeway between the offices. A step was necessary but deciding what shape the step would take, where it would go, and so on was a lengthy debate.

Renkara Offices in Westlake

Moving to Westlake, Texas has been great. We love everything about living here. However, we have been missing our old home office quite a bit. In Illinois we had a fantastic home office in the basement. It was large, warmly decorated and furnished, had bright but dimmable lighting in addition to lots of natural light, and there were a bunch of gigabit Ethernet ports. As fast as wireless networks are now, nothing beats a hardwired connection to move large video files from your workstation to your NAS. Having a dedicated office space also helps keep work separate from family life. Our kids generally stayed upstairs so there were few interruptions even when they were home from school.